System solutions-Green Roof Retention

With intelligent water management.
ClimaGrün’s retention system solution makes optimum use of rainwater and puts less pressure on the sewers too. What’s more, this green roof system encourages biodiversity, increases evaporation, therefore mitigating the impact of extreme heat islands in urban spaces. Smart water management on a retention roof delivers huge benefits in urban areas.

  • It acts as a temporary water storage option for delayed rainwater runoff (putting less pressure on the sewers)
  • It acts as an ongoing water storage option for specific irrigation of vegetation (encouraging biodiversity and increasing evaporation)

And this is where our patented thin water storage layer really shows what it can do. Firstly, it retains precipitation and delay water runoff. Secondly, its thin-layer reservoir helps irrigate vegetation and save water.

Ecological value
Water storage
Care and maintenance

ClimaGrün has the right system for any roof, whether it’s one covered with a surface or vegetation. As a result, we can guarantee a fully functional green roof system:

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