Make your plans reality

Plan perfect green buildings step by step.
And ClimaGrün’s configurator now makes the process even easier. This outstandingly efficient planning tool is underpinned by technical info from numerous reference projects, case studies, as well as past and future climate data. This software is the result of months in development, years of experience and our unrelenting enthusiasm for green roofs. We’d be delighted if it helps turn your ideas into reality too.

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System-solution configurator for green roof projects

Select the type of green roof and receive information about the specifications, costs, guidelines, and requirements. The ClimaGrün configurator meets FLL, UNI and ÖNORM standards – for standard green roofs and retention.

Find out about the standard options and state-of-the-art innovations for your green roofs and spaces

Learn about relevant details like the green building standards and guidelines in the countries concerned

Obtain access to all the key information including texts and templates for tenders, standards and specifications

Create an initial cost calculation with rough information on prices, quantities, and customary costs for laying materials

We can’t wait to hear your opinion. Does the configurator help you to plan and calculate costs? Or is there anything specific that’s still missing? Please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think.

Your ClimaGrün assistant

Benefit from our data-based tool, which relies on climate data, feasibility studies and 20 years of experience, starting with concept development all the way to project planning.

Our expert support team

Are you a planner, architect or landscape gardener and want to use the ClimaGrün roof system? We’d be delighted to give you customised advice on planning and carrying out your project.