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Architects, planners and landscape gardener face complex requirements. Our longstanding expertise means we’re aware of these factors and can deal with them. The same goes for partners expected to turn concepts into reality. In the real world, they’re often confronted with challenges when it comes to laying or maintaining intelligent water cycles. Draw on our wealth of experience and knowledge of diverse product and system solutions for the ideal green roof. To ensure you can plan reliably and efficiently, we’ll put our experts and new tools at your disposal.

What makes us stand apart?


Some 20 years of expertise in designing and turning green roofs into reality.


Advanced digital tools and VR options for outstanding planning and precise calculations.


Smooth processes thanks to easy tendering processes and inspiration visualisation.


Your versatile business development, planning, product laying and maintenance partner.


Our experts will help you answer any questions that arise from planning all the way to creating the green roof and tell you what’s important to remember.

Get into contact with us first and send us the information about your project. We’ll then analyse the project and collaborate with you to find the best solution.

Just get in touch with us because we have lots of experience and are happy to help.

You can purchase ClimaGrün’s products at our headquarters in Bolzano or from various partners.

Contact us to find out whether the system solutions and ClimaGrün products are available in your country.

Your ClimaGrün assistant

Benefit from our data-based tool, which relies on climate data, feasibility studies and 20 years of experience, starting with concept development all the way to project planning.

Our expert support team

Are you a planner, architect or landscape gardener and want to use the ClimaGrün roof system? We’d be delighted to give you customised advice on planning and carrying out your project.