A hotbed of innovations

Transformation and a sustainable water supply

Water at centre stage.

Our research into green roofs focuses on the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of water. For over 20 years, everything we’ve been doing has revolved around this substance commonly known as H20.

Taking a leaf out of nature’s book.

Nature’s compelling, fascinating and alive. It teaches us to think sustainably and in cycles. Every day, it spawns ideas, innovations and new products.

The perfect match: nature and technology.

Nature inspires us and technology delivers sustainable solutions – the best of both worlds.

The (R)Evolution from an idea to production.

There can be no innovations without setbacks. If our ideas land in the wastepaper basket, we haven’t made any mistakes, but just spotted that they couldn’t work. Our enthusiasm is what drives us.

The result: tested, enhanced and certified solutions.

Over the last few years, all the time we spent working hard and being innovative has paid off. The production of ClimaGrün’s thin water storage layer for green spaces and green roofs was launched and passed the stringent tests of renowned institutes. It now has a wide range of certificates and has won many awards.

The patented thin water storage layer.

Our patent was registered in 2022 and accepted. Our product was ready to go into production and patented. The intelligent ClimaGrün water cycle plays a key role in combating and preventing climate-change-related heavy rainfall and also encourages flora and fauna back into urban spaces. It helps to make the water supply sustainable.

We take production and recycling seriously.

Most of our products and components are made locally in a climate friendly way. How we define sustainability:

  • We reuse recyclable materials
  • We pick short shipping routes
  • We ensure products last
  • We ensure our processes are efficient
  • We optimise construction and product laying costs
  • We cut follow-up costs
  • We reduce our ecological footprint consistently

At present, the ClimaGrün system is the most efficient green roof solution with irrigation and improved water consumption for combating climate change problems.

Your ClimaGrün assistant

Benefit from our data-based tool, which relies on climate data, feasibility studies and 20 years of experience, starting with concept development all the way to project planning.

Our expert support team

Are you a planner, architect or landscape gardener and want to use the ClimaGrün roof system? We’d be delighted to give you customised advice on planning and carrying out your project.