Growth requires roots.

We’re based in South Tyrol, the northernmost region of Italy. Our forests, the Mediterranean vineyards and the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site remind us every day how unique and worth protecting nature is. This enormous respect for the world around us and our awareness of our responsibility vis à vis the next generation are what motivate us. And have been for 20 years now.

ClimaGrün’s roots are in the provincial capital of Bolzano, in a green neighbourhood full of vineyards called Gries. We manage all our projects for customers and partners all over the world from here. ClimaGrün has spent many years selling system solutions and products for green buildings. But it’s also established itself as a partner and solutions finder for planners, architects and landscape designers.

Our core competency lies in greening systems with intelligent rainwater management. Twenty years of research in this field and our thin water storage layer, which was only patented in 2019, underscore our expertise in terms of nature and technology and our commitment to sustainable greening.

Benefit from the following products and services we offer too:


ClimaGrün roof systems with patented thin water storage layers


Established products and system solutions for all types of green roofs


Digital tools and virtual reality options to ensure robust planning and calculations

2022 - today

As a core component of the intelligent ClimaGrün water cycle, the thin water storage layer is patented and all products are prepared and launched. As a virtual assistant for planners and architects, data-based software tools will be developed, tested, deployed and launched in January 2023.

2020 - 2022

Over two years, innovative system solutions with the integrated thin water storage layer are tested thoroughly as part of a ClimaGrün water cycle. All ClimaGrün products and system solutions are trialled, improved, and modified to reflect the latest findings.

2017 - 2019

The idea for ClimaGrün’s patented thin water storage layer is born. The first concepts for future-proof complete solutions emerge and the company forges ahead with digitisation. Tests follow in collaboration with research institutes, with findings incorporated into development of the system.

2013 - 2016

ClimaGrün’s corporate strategy focuses on boosting its own ClimaGrün brand and sustainability. All system solutions are revised and honed to ensure sustainability in all areas. Sustainability is what drives their development and design. New partnerships are forged to enhance the product range as well.

2009 - 2012

ClimaGrün is extensively involved in researching and developing vertical greening systems, green roofs, and green roof substrates. ClimaGrün founds Optigrün Italia, which spawns various research projects and generates invaluable results.

2002 - 2008

Klaus Kornprobst founds ClimaGrün. Creative garden design and horticulture are some of the first areas of business. The company grows consistently and positions itself to customers as a green roof specialist.


No, but we have a large network and contacts to high-quality partner companies, whose names we can gladly pass on to you.

You can purchase ClimaGrün’s products at our headquarters in Bolzano or from various partners.

We look forward to receiving details about completed projects from architects, landscape architects and contractors, which we will be happy to publish, including links and the names of everyone involved.

Contact us to find out whether the system solutions and ClimaGrün products are available in your country.

How to contact us

Want to help make towns and cities vibrant places? Let’s get together to find the best green roof solution for your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our core competency

Find out more about our patented thin water storage layer that allows us to conserve and enhance such a valuable resource as water. To make urban spaces more worth living in.