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Welcome to the ClimaGrün City.

What does the revolutionary, intelligent, thin water storage layer actually do? Visit the virtual ClimaGrün City and find how why green roofs are becoming ever more important for thriving urban spaces. Today, our model city illustrates how ClimaGrün system solutions can adapt to a wide range of climate scenarios in tomorrow’s world. The data and forecasts paint a clear picture that covers rainwater management to biodiversity to relieving pressure on sewers. ClimaGrün teams up with you to create smart green buildings for the towns and cities of the future. Find out how to make your mission successful here.

Discover the ClimaGrün system on a virtual tour of the ClimaGrün City. Come and find out about what our green roof solutions and products offer and how they work.

ClimaGrün City – Where you can meet us or your customers.

Explore a virtual city with different green roof systems, products, and end-to-end solutions in 3D with a VR headset or online

Walk on virtual roof surfaces alone, with your customers or the ClimaGrün team

See what happens during heavy rainfall and heatwaves in real time. Observe water storage and retention in the city and each green-roof layer.

How to contact us

Want to help make towns and cities vibrant places? Let’s get together to find the best green roof solution for your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our core competency

Find out more about our patented thin water storage layer that allows us to conserve and enhance such a valuable resource as water. To make urban spaces more worth living in.