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Green roofs foster biodiversity and compensate for climate change in urban spaces. And city dwellers love these verdant oases.

We can offer a standard green roof system with extensive and intensive green roofs all the way to the ClimaGrün roof system with its patented thin water storage layer. Our system solutions adapt to any requirements, both in terms of engineering and design.

ClimaGrün has the right system for any roof, whether it’s one covered with a surface or vegetation. As a result, we can guarantee a fully functional green roof system. This includes all types of green buildings and green solutions for retention, standard and pitched roofs.

Or were you looking for something else? Then come and take a look at our complete and enhanced product range for green roofs and irrigation.


Retaining rainfall locally on the roof is an ideal response to the impact of heatwaves and heavy rainfall, which will be more frequent in future. Using rainwater for green roof irrigation can create a biodiversity-enhancing roofscape that also has a positive influence on the urban climate and people’s health.

That depends on the project to a huge extent. A collaboration with ClimaGrün means that ideal roof systems and system solutions can be developed for each project.

A thin water storage layer does the same job as a rainwater tank by using the roof or garage space as somewhere to retain the water. The rainwater is stored in a very thin layer up to 14 cm thick.

Irrigation of green roofs is becoming increasingly more important. Especially in countries to the south, where green roofs only work with additional irrigation. But in other areas, like Germany, where dry spells are becoming more frequent due to climate change, rainwater alone is no longer sufficient to ensure that rooftop greenery flourishes. To keep the weight supported by the roofs low, green roofs mostly consist of thin substrate layers. However, only a small quantity of water can be stored in these, which in turn results in a greater demand for water.

In addition to greenery, patios, paths or areas for vehicles to drive on can be built on green roofs or above garages. In these cases, paving stones, slabs or asphalt are laid. They are not directly referred to as green projects, but are closely related. Pulling those types of projects off requires some sophisticated planning. If you’re interested, why not use our configurator or contact us and we’ll be delighted to help you?

A retention roof is only possible on roofs with slopes. ClimaGrün offers solutions for pitched roofs where rainwater is stored directly, for instance by various water storage elements or fleeces.

That depends on the project to a huge extent. Given the wide range of options available, ClimaGrün would be happy help you find the best, long-term solution for your project.

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