Irrigating green roofs sustainably

With intelligent rainwater management.

How can we save and make the best-possible use of such a valuable resource as water? What measures work when extreme weather conditions prevail? Our patented thin water storage layer is the result of years of in-depth research and development. It lies at the heart of ClimaGrün’s intelligent water cycle.

ClimaGrün’s thin water storage layer makes optimum use of rainwater. Intelligent rainwater management also provides further benefits. For instance, biodiversity on green roofs is encouraged, evaporation increases and the impact of extreme heat islands in urban spaces is mitigated. And the ClimaGrün roof system responds quickly to heavy rainfall that results from climate change.

Rainwater on demand

The thin water storage layer can store rainwater on site. It seeps into the top layer of soil. Any excess water not absorbed by plants at the time flows into the water retention layer that holds the water back. When required, this layer releases the stored water back into the green roof’s layer of soil. What’s more, it requires less energy than conventional irrigation systems.

The benefits of the patented thin water storage layer are as follows:

  • Temporary or permanent storage of rainwater
  • A good response to heavy rainfall
  • Efficient water consumption
  • An enormous quantity of water stored
  • Steady evaporation, even in dry spells
  • Biodiversity is maintained
  • A slim green roof system with a low static load
  • A resource-friendly and energy-saving option

ClimaGrün is a partner to planners, architects and garden designers who want sustainable solutions for green roof systems.

The roof as a water storage layer

The most efficient way of storing water is with the thin layer rainwater tank on the roof.

Green roofs with no drinking water consumption

The stored water supplies plants with rainwater consistently.

Surplus water used for irrigation

Any surplus water can be used to irrigate green spaces.

A diverse range of plants

Because water is stored for long periods of time, depending on the local climate, plants with different water requirements are possible.

Excellent evaporation performance

The thin layer rainwater tank with integrated subsurface irrigation increases the plants’ evaporation capacity to reduce the ambient temperature.

Retention roof with restrictor

Retention roof with restrictors to hold back the rain and delay run-off in order to put less pressure on urban sewers.


Pump system CG-PS vario

To harvest water
directly from the roof.

The ClimaGrün vario pump system can absorb large quantities of rainwater, release it slowly, or specifically direct it to the plants.


ClimaGrün RM module

A versatile module for green roofs as temporary or permanent water storage with exceptional retention volume and/or high water drainage capacity.


Subsurface irrigation mat CG-UB

A subsurface irrigation mat for extensive and intensive green roofs, with targeted release of water to the plants to boost growth.

Products for green roofs

Our products are durable, efficient and easy to use. In other words, they’re sustainable. Product development is based on over 20 years of experience with planning, applying, fitting and maintaining green solutions. It’s also the result of the technical skills and knowledge of experts and leading institutes.

System solutions

The intelligent ClimaGrün water cycle creates certified and patented solutions for green roofs and irrigation in cities and very built-up residential areas. Depending on the project, with extensive or intensive green solutions, roofs that can be driven on, or green garages.


ClimaGrün’s patented systems with their intelligent water cycle create sustainable green spaces with improved water consumption. Garden designers then have plenty of scope to design and plant the spaces as they like. Planning and implementing projects is also easy.

Tested and certified

Together with renowned partners, such as the Fraunhofer Institue Italy, NOI Techpark South Tyrol and MAC-Minoprio, the ClimaGrün system was tested, analysed and certified after a two-year period.

Your ClimaGrün assistant

Benefit from our data-based tool, which relies on climate data, feasibility studies and 20 years of experience, starting with concept development all the way to project planning.

Our expert support team

Are you a planner, architect or landscape gardener and want to use the ClimaGrün roof system? We’d be delighted to give you customised advice on planning and carrying out your project.