Massimo Valagussa – Climate-friendly construction

Green roofs mean nature – particularly in urban spaces. All of nature needs water to grow and flourish. Climate-friendly construction is the future.

The ClimaGrün team specialises in developing innovative products, system solutions and services for green roof projects. The systems are a perfect marriage of nature and technology. The ecological and commercial benefits they entail help ensure pioneering and sustainable types of construction.

The thin water storage layer is the response to the impact of climate change

Climate change affects the way we’ll live in the future. Temperature fluctuations, urban spaces heating up, the rise in soil sealing, longer dry phases and infiltration problems during heavy rainfall are fundamental climate change components. These factors expedited the development of the thin water storage layer.

The ClimaGrün thin water storage layer

Conventional systems use relatively small rainwater tanks, which require powerful pumps to bring the water onto the green roof. The thin water storage layer can dispense with this process because the modern rainwater storage system is located directly beneath the layer of soil. The rainwater seeps into green roof’s soil. Any water that can’t be absorbed directly is stored. It can then be pumped back into the vegetation’s layer of soil as required.

The ClimaGrün roof system is currently the most efficient green roof solution for tackling the challenges associated with climate change.
  • Powerful water retention capacity
  • Automated irrigation with rainwater
  • Vast quantities of water available
  • Superior evaporation performance
  • Plenty of biodiversity and
    the freedom to choose plants to grow

Certification from the leading specialist in agriculture and technology in green spaces

Dr Valagussa extensively monitored and systematically analysed the thin water storage layer trial the whole time. His findings persuaded him that ClimaGrün’s sustainable system will play in key role in climate friendly construction.

In particular, Massimo welcomes the fact that the thin water storage layer means the water supply for all the vegetation is maintained. A high level of transpiration is only guaranteed if the plant world’s flourishing. Which, in turn, has a positive impact on the climate.

Massimo applauds the use of far fewer fertilisers and other chemicals, as the additives are retained much longer in the thin-film water cycle.

Dr Massimo Valagussa

The head of the MAC lab in Italy is considered the leading agricultural and green roof technology.

Analyses and certification

MAC stands for Minoprio Analysen und Zertifizierungsinstitut GmbH. MAC performs lab analyses and issues certification associated with agriculture, food production and the environment.

MAC also offers consulting in agriculture, horticulture, food production, geography and the environment. Furthermore, the institute helps professionals, experts and public and private institutions to analyse specific problems.